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New Orleans Wrongful Death Claim Lawyer

Pursuit of Justice for a Loved One’s Preventable Death

You have my sincere sympathies if you are grieving the sudden and tragic loss of a family member. I offer my services and support in your possible legal claims against the person or the entity responsible.

The Law Offices of David Aden handles wrongful death claims in Greater New Orleans and southeast Louisiana. In addition to my legal experience, my medical background helps establish the causal connection between negligent acts and your loved one’s fatal injuries. Please contact me today for a free case evaluation.

New Orleans and Metairie Wrongful Death Attorney

I handle wrongful death claims arising from different circumstances:

A wrongful death claim is brought by survivors or the estate of the deceased. The lawsuit is not about punishment or putting a dollar value on a person’s life. The intent of a wrongful death action is to compensate family members for the tangible impact of the loss. Damages may include:

  • Medical bills and funeral costs
  • Projected earnings of the deceased
  • Loss of consortium, love, companionship, counsel and support
  • Loss of household contributions
  • Conscious pain and suffering of the deceased prior to death

A Nurse/Lawyer Advocating for You

I am a solo attorney, so you will always work directly with me, not a paralegal or case manager. From my experience in nursing and health care administration, I am knowledgeable about medical terminology and medical causation as they apply to wrongful death. For example, if your loved one died months after the fact from complications of an auto collision or surgical procedure, I excel at making those connections from the accident reports and medical records.

I understand that this a difficult time for you. I take on the legal burdens so that you and your family can get your lives back on track. To discuss your case with a New Orleans fatal accident claims attorney, call me for a free initial consultation at 504-599-5941, or contact me online.