A Lawyer For Nurses

After working as a nurse and administrator for more than a decade in direct patient care, I understand the essential but often thankless and even dangerous job that nurses encounter on a day to day basis. Nurses have one of the highest injury rates of all occupations and one of the greatest percentages of job burnout. The injuries, long hours and continuous stress can easily lead to personal hardships, employment conflicts and complicated legal issues.

A Nurse Attorney on Your Side

As a licensed nurse and attorney, I passionately and effectively represent nurses, medical technicians and other personnel in the health care industry. My unique background helps me advocate effectively for health care workers in a broad range of legal matters.

From my experience in hospitals and health care, I have seen countless employment disputes between employers and employees. These dedicated employees include: nurses and nurse practitioners, aides and orderlies, lab workers and technicians, pharmacists, custodians, cafeteria workers and security guards. So often they are brought into Board of Nursing proceedings without knowing what awaits them when they walk through that door.

Personal Attention

As a solo attorney, you will work directly with me. Serving the New Orleans area, I advocate for employees who have suffered discrimination or other mistreatment.

As an experienced attorney and licensed nurse with a master’s degree in health care administration, I understand the medical terminology and medical care necessities in a way that most lawyers do not. I also have personal understanding of the professional standard of care expected of doctors, nurses and employees in the medical field.

My broad experience in the medical field enables me to advocate for health care workers in disciplinary matters, work-related injuries and other issues.

Don’t Fight Alone

Do not let anyone convince you that you do not need an attorney in Board of Nursing proceedings. Your livelihood could be at stake. You should also consult a lawyer before filing complaints or claims against an employer. With a proven track record, I will protect your rights and position you for the most favorable outcome.

As your lawyer, I will work for your compensation involving medical costs, lost earnings, disability or disfigurement, and the personal and emotional suffering from an injury that could have been prevented.

I practice law in New Orleans and the throughout Louisiana. Contact me today to schedule a consultation.

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