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Truck accidents can be complex, from the crash scene investigation to identifying the liable parties. The injuries are usually worse, resulting in a longer recovery or lasting disabilities. You need an attorney who is attuned to the medical issues, the financial impact and the unique legal considerations.

The Law Offices of David Aden is equipped to represent victims of truck accidents in Greater New Orleans and southeast Louisiana. I am a solo attorney who will personally shepherd your case, standing up to the trucking firms and insurance companies to demand full compensation. 

Full Compensation for the Devastation of a Truck Accident

Because of the danger they represent, commercial vehicles must be insured for serious personal injury or wrongful death. However, truck owners and their insurance carriers will do whatever they can to limit those claims.

I oversee a thorough investigation, with the use of professional accident reconstruction specialists when necessary, to identify the negligence that contributed to the accident:

  • Speeding and traffic violations
  • Driver fatigue or distracted driving
  • Neglected truck maintenance
  • Excess weight or improper freight loading
  • Negligent hiring, training and supervision

I am equipped to represent victims of tractor-trailer accidents on I-10, I-610, I-510 and other major trucking routes in the New Orleans area. I also handle cases involving other commercial vehicles such as delivery trucks, construction vehicles, dump trucks and garbage trucks.

A Nurse/Attorney for New Orleans Trucking Accidents

I am an experienced personal injury lawyer with a unique background that works to your advantage. In my former career as both a nurse and a health care administrator, I worked on both sides of medical claims, advocating for hospital patients and working for insurance companies. I can interpret the medical jargon and connect medical causation of injuries. I can assess the profound impact and future care needs of truck accident victims, including surgery and rehabilitation, permanent disability or disfigurement, projected loss of earnings, and appropriate compensation for pain and suffering.

My instincts as a nurse and as an attorney are the same — to take care of my clients. I will use my insights and resources to advocate for you in settlement negotiations or at trial. I am accessible 24/7 to my clients to address the issues that arise after a truck accident.

New Orleans and Metairie Tractor Trailer Accidents Attorney

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