Helping You Recover From a Serious Motor Vehicle Accident

Auto accidents are not only painful and traumatic, but disruptive and disabling. You can’t work and your car is wrecked. The insurance adjusters and bill collectors start hassling you. You don’t know if your health and your life will ever be the same.

If you suffered serious injuries in a car accident, The Law Offices of David Aden is here to help you recover as fully as possible. I am a solo lawyer who will personally handle your case. My background in nursing and medical administration is an extra advantage in seeking the full and fair compensation you deserve.

I handle personal injury accidents in Greater New Orleans and southeast Louisiana.

New Orleans and Metairie Car Crash Injuries Attorney

I have handled almost every motor vehicle accident scenario:

  • Rear-end collisions
  • Intersection accidents
  • Head-on collisions
  • Motorcycle accidents
  • Pedestrians and bicyclists hit by cars
  • Truck and commercial vehicle accidents
  • Passengers of negligent drivers
  • Fatal auto accidents (wrongful death)

The Value of a Nurse/Attorney Working for You

I have the knowledge and resources to investigate car accidents. I obtain the police reports and interview the victim and any witnesses to identify the other driver’s negligence, whether drunk driving, distracted driving, moving violations or other carelessness.

My medical training and health care experience enable me to truly understand the injuries, the care needs and the insurance issues. I make sure that clients get prompt medical treatment with good doctors, and I obtain the emergency room records, ambulance run report and other medical documentation.

In cases of serious or permanent injury, I consult with life care planners, convalescent care or rehab specialists, economists and other professionals to ensure that compensation covers the medical, financial and personal impact. I have experience with auto insurance coverage disputes, including uninsured/underinsured motorist claims (UM/UIM insurance claims).

New Orleans Car Accidents Attorney

Clients have my cellphone number for 24/7 access to address immediate concerns after an accident. You can reach me right away or expect to hear back from me promptly.

Call my New Orleans office today to schedule a consultation at 504-676-5282 or contact me online.

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