We know that New Orleans and our other areas of Louisiana are no exceptions to the frequent, turbulent weather that strikes the Gulf of Mexico. While there is little we can do to shield ourselves from these storms, we should be able to protect our property with insurance claims.

In exchange for your premiums, your insurance providers are supposed to cover your most valued property in events exactly such as severe storms. When your providers delve to  bad faith tactics to leave you high and dry, our New Orleans property damage attorneys are there to fight back for you.

Common Damages Covered by Insurance Providers

Every insurance policy has the capability to be unique, and one should never assume that they are covered for an event that has not been explicitly stated as covered. Knowing what your provider will pay out for is chief among the legal obligations of both parties entering this contract.

Many insurance policies take into consideration common weather events in your area:

  • Rainstorms
  • Windstorms
  • Hailstorms
  • Ice Storms
  • Tornadoes
  • Hurricanes

It’s not uncommon that insurance companies will try and back out of their end of the bargain, citing that your home was covered by hurricanes but not a regular storm. This would mean that severe structural damage to your home is not covered because of a technicality in the storm’s classification.

The first thing you can do to ensure that your property damage is properly covered by your insurance company is to contact one of our New Orleans property damage lawyers. Insurance companies will do everything they can to avoid disbursement, and you need a trusty legal team to enforce your agreement.

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